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Local news and information for Mallorca

Sport Tue, Nov 28, 2017

Rafa Nadal beats legend Olazábal at golf

SPANISH tennis ace Rafa Nadal has proven he is not only the world's best with a racquet, but also has a flair for golf – the team he led this weekend in a charity tournament came out on top, beating the group led...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Sep 7, 2017

Brits arrested in fake sickness claim racket in Mallorca

BRITISH scammers who forced hotels to shell out nearly €8 million in fake food-poisoning claims have been arrested in Mallorca. They were said to have been ringleaders in the racket and responsible for sending...

Politics Sat, Sep 2, 2017

Michelle Obama holidays in Mallorca

FORMER United States First Lady Michelle Obama is in Mallorca on a 'solo' summer holiday – returning once again to an island she loves but has not visited in seven years. She landed in Palma on Wednesday –...

Entertainment Mon, Aug 7, 2017

Jeremy Clarkson in Mallorca hospital with pneumonia

FORMER presenter Jeremy Clarkson is in a 'serious condition' in a Mallorca hospital being treated for pneumonia, which he caught during his summer holidays on the island with his family. Clarkson's is said...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Jul 28, 2017

British tourists assault film crew in Magaluf

BRITISH tourists in Magaluf have attacked a team of reporters filming a documentary on the drunken debauchery that has long blighted the resort area of the town of Calvià, Mallorca. The crew, from the programme which...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Jul 20, 2017

British family faces jail for fake holiday sickness claim

A BRITISH family is facing up to six years in jail for a fake food-poisoning claim after their holiday in Mallorca. Deborah Briton, 53 and Paul Roberts, 43 (pictured left) appeared in Liverpool Crown Court this week...

Travel/Tourism Wed, Jul 12, 2017

Calvià may sue The Sun over report on police violence...

RIGHT-WING red-top has annoyed Spain once again – this time by claiming police and bouncers in Magaluf are being unfairly harsh on uncivilised British tourists who drink too much, get into fights, strip off, vomit,...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Jun 28, 2017

Mass terror swoop in UK, Mallorca and Germany

SIX terrorist suspects have been arrested in the UK, Palma de Mallorca and Germany as part of the same operation this morning (Wednesday). The interior ministry says the group were well-connected and responsible for...