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Local news and information for Cáceres city

Food & Drink Fri, Oct 24, 2014

Cáceres is Culinary Capital of Spain for 2015

CÁCERES in Extremadura has been named as Spain's Culinary Capital of 2015, beating the likes of Cartagena (Murcia), Huesca in the Aragón Pyrénées, Lugo in north-western Galicia, and the home of paella - the...

Religion Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Teens smash up church during 'satanic ritual'

THREE teenagers on holiday in rural western Spain caused major damage to a hillside chapel during a satanic ceremony, police reveal. Graffiti described as 'sacrilegious', crosses and Biblical imagery smashed and...

Crime/Incidents Sun, Aug 25, 2013

Residents walled in by ring of fire around their village

RESIDENTS in a western Spanish village have been going through over 24 hours of terror after a forest fire literally circled the municipality and sealed it off. The 500 or so inhabitants of Santibáñez el Alto...

Crime/Incidents Fri, May 25, 2012

Second body found in rubble of Moraleja factory

Firefighters working with a team of sniffer dogs have found a second body in the rubble of the olive oil factory - Industrias Oleícolas Sierra de Gata - in the town of Moraleja (Cáceres) which was destroyed by an...

Environment Fri, Sep 17, 2010

Hailstorm brings Cáceres to standstill

Torrential rain and a hailstorm brought the town of Cáceres to a standstill last night, with hundreds of buildings flooded and roads cut off. In some roads, like C/. Narciso Puig Mejías, the floodwater was more than...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Feb 5, 2009

46 years driving without a licence

60 year-old Félix Martínez Marín from Madroñera in Cáceres was stopped by police in his home town on Monday and charged with driving without a licence, without correct insurance and without a valid ITV certificate....

Crime/Incidents Wed, Oct 29, 2008

Helper and chauffeur jailed over Cáceres murders

The home help and chauffeur of the elderly couple found murdered at their home in Cáceres last week, were remanded in custody late last Sunday after giving evidence to a judge at Mérida court. It seems that Ángela, a...

Entertainment Fri, Apr 18, 2008

Freezing festival-goers brought in from the cold

Seventeen teenagers displaying the first symptoms of hypothermia had to be rescued from their sodden tents by emergency services volunteers at the Extremúsika Festival in Cáceres during the early hours of this morning...

Politics Sat, Nov 24, 2007

Antifascist stabbed in Cáceres brawl

A young fascist was arrested in Cáceres for stabbing an antifascist protester in a city centre brawl during the early hours of Thursday morning. It seems that the cause of the trouble stems from an incident that...

Politics Thu, May 24, 2007

Zapatero: 'PP is face of past feared by Spaniards'

Speaking at a political rally in Cáceres last night, president Zapatero accused the Partido Popular of spreading "pessimism and fear," and said that while party leader, Mariano Rajoy, "announces...