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Local news and information for Ciutadella de Menorca, Menorca

Politics Sat, Jan 16, 2010

Mystery benefactor leaves millions to the Royals

SPAIN'S royal family have been named benefactors in the will of a multi-millionnaire whom they have never met. Investor and business tycoon Juan Ignacio Balada Llabrés, from Menorca, died in his home town of...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Jul 8, 2005

Young Spanish girl hurt in London bomb blast

A young girl from Menorca was slightly injured in yesterday morning´s terrorist attack on London Underground, but is now safely back at home with her family. Her father Antonio Mascaró explained that she heard a loud...

Animals/Pets Wed, Nov 17, 2004

New case of mad cow disease detected on Menorca

A new case of mad cow disease (EEB) has been detected on a farm in Menorca, the twentieth on the Balearic islands since 2000. Of these, sixteen have been on farms located on Menorca, and the rest on Mallorca. According...

Politics Wed, Mar 17, 2004

Socialist councillor demands removal of sexist diary

The PSM councillor in Ciudadela Town Hall, Joana Triay, today denounced the publication by the local government of a diary containing sexist phrases. The municipal government is made up of the PP and the Partit...