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Local news and information for Puerto Real, Cádiz

Crime/Incidents Thu, Nov 1, 2007

ETA hunger striker hospitalised

Convicted ETA assassin, Iñaki Bilbao, who is also serving time for threatening to torture and kill two High Court judges, was admitted to Puerto Real Hospital yesterday nine days after starting a hunger strike on the...

Education/Work Tue, May 15, 2007

Delphi workers start protest march to Sevilla

150 workers from the Delphi factory in Puerto Real (Cádiz) set out on a 120km march to Sevilla yesterday morning to demand a solution almost three months after its American owners announced that the plant would be sold...

Economy Tue, Apr 17, 2007

Delphi workers step up anti-closure campaign

Hundreds of workers at the Delphi factory in Puerto Real (Cádiz) escalated their protest at the imminent closure of the plant by blocking the Carranza bridge with a burning barricade yesterday morning as well as all...

Education/Work Tue, Feb 27, 2007

Junta lends weight to Delphi closure campaign

The regional government of Andalucía and the UGT and CCOO trade unions agreed yesterday to form a "common front" with workers at the Delphi car components factory in Puerto Real (Cádiz) that is threatened with...

Economy Tue, Jan 18, 2005

Zapatero attends new Airbus launch

President Zapatero has been in Toulouse today for the launch of the new Airbus 380 which is the biggest passenger plane in the world. Also present were British, French, and German leaders; Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac,...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Dec 17, 2003

Gymnasium roof collapses leaving one dead and one injured

A young woman died and another was injured when the roof of a gymnasium in Puerto Real (Cádiz) collapsed. The reasons for the collapse are still not known. Spokespeople for Puerto Real have claimed that the accident,...