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Local news and information for El Vergel / Verger, Alicante

Crime/Incidents Fri, Jul 30, 2010

Brother and sister killed on motorway in El Verger

TWO children aged 12 and seven have been killed in an accident today on the AP-7 close to El Verger (Alicante). Emergency services say the crash happened at around 10.15hrs this morning at kilometre 601.4 of the...

Environment Sun, Oct 14, 2007

200 storm victim families evacuated

Employment and Social Welfare minister, Jesús Caldera, announced yesterday that the cabinet will approve next week a package of aid measures to deal with the after-effects of the torrential storms (up to 400 litres per...

Sport Thu, Jan 25, 2007

Valencia president drops by to check pitch progress

Valencia Football Club president, Juan Bautista Soler, visited El Verger yesterday to see for himself how the false lawn of the Municipal football pitch, which one of his companies supplied, is working out. He also...

Society Mon, Nov 28, 2005

El Verger mayor slams Denia gas pipeline project

Manolo Martinez, the Nationalist Mayor of el Vergel, yesterday had some harsh words for Denia Town Council after it was revealed that the gas pipeline uniting the Balearic Islands and Spain, which would emerge in Denia,...

Environment Fri, Sep 24, 2004

No more flooding in El Verger

El Verger council hopes to end the winter floods once and for all by widening the mouth of the river Girona where it runs into the sea, confirm local authorities.
A budget of 560,000 euros has been set aside for...

Transport Fri, Sep 3, 2004

Roundabout works will restart

EL VERGER mayor Miguel González has confirmed that works to the N-332 roundabout between the town and Oliva will resume now the holiday rush is over.
Sr. González said the work is necessary because of the near...

Entertainment Fri, Oct 17, 2003

Safari Park is a roaring success

Have you ever been kissed by a sealion? I have, and I can tell you it’s like being hit on the lips by a wet mop that smells of fish!
Seeing this amazing mammal so close up is just unbelievable. And being able to...

Animals/Pets Fri, Oct 10, 2003

Baby boom at Costa safari park

The El Verger safari park, situated alongside the Pego-Oliva marshes, has seen 70 births over the summer and the number of animals now stands at 1,570.
There are 145 different species of animals living in semi...

Transport Fri, Oct 10, 2003

El Vergel hosts four-wheel drive

Spain’s biggest four-wheel drive event is due to take place in Vergel Safari Park this year.
The popular Jeep Camp España event, organised by Chrysler Club Jeep Adventure and RPM Exclusivas will take place on...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Aug 29, 2003

Another bull injury

Another person was seriously injured by a bou embolat in El Verger.
A 30 year old Argentinian man was gored in his right thigh by a bull with its horns on fire. He was rushed to Dénia district hospital for an...