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Local news and information for Ascó, Tarragona

Crime/Incidents Tue, May 23, 2017

Early-hours alert over Ascó I nuclear plant fire

AN 'EMERGENCY alert' affecting the nuclear plant in Ascó (Tarragona province) at 02.12 this morning (Tuesday) after a fire broke out has been called off, authorities have announced. Management at the Ascó I...

Environment Sun, May 1, 2011

Nuclear plant leak in Ascó

A LEAK of 25,000 litres of radioactive water forced security staff to evacuated the nuclear plant at Ascó (Tarragona) yesterday. Workers' footwear became soaked by the water, leading to widespread alarm that they...

Environment Wed, Apr 23, 2008

Nuclear plant visit children 'unaffected by radiation...

A spokesman for the Ascó I nuclear facility, Eugeni Vives, announced yesterday that the 44 students, three teachers and the driver of the coach that took the party to the power station for a school visit on April 4th,...

Transport Mon, Mar 8, 2004

Fire onboard delivery train destroys four new cars

A fire onboard a delivery train this morning burnt four new cars it was carrying and has caused the interruption of all train travel through Ascó (Tarragona), which has also affected two regional trains. According to...