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Community/Public Services news & information for Albacete province

Albacete village in different time zone until tonight
Society Sun, Mar 27, 2016

Albacete village in different time zone until tonight

SPAIN'S mainland and Balearic Islands and the rest of western and central Europe put its clocks forward one hour at 02.00hrs this morning (Easter Sunday) and at the same time, which was 01.00hrs in Portugal, the...

'Honest' hypermarket worker hands in €1,180 in cash lost by customer
Society Mon, Mar 16, 2015

'Honest' hypermarket worker hands in €1,180 in...

AN ANONYMOUS supermarket employee handed in an envelope containing €1,180 in cash he found in the aisle, and it has been reunited with its relieved owner. The woman whom it belonged to had brought the money to hand...

Appalling safety record for Mirage crash jet
Society Thu, Jan 22, 2009

Appalling safety record for Mirage crash jet

The statistics are really quite devastating: almost half the Mirage 1 fighter jets acquired by the Spanish Air Force three decades ago have crashed, and the tragic accident that took place near Albacete earlier this...

Society Tue, Mar 21, 2006

Fighter pilot ejects to safety over Albacete

A Mirage F-1 jet from the Los Llanos Spanish Air Force base has crashed near the town of La Roda, although the pilot managed to eject to safety and has been taken to Albacete General Hospital with minor injuries....

Society Mon, May 30, 2005

Spanish combat plane goes down in Germany

A Spanish Air Force F-1 Mirage combat plane crashed this morning as it was undertaking manouevres in the south of Germany although the pilot parachuted clear but suffered minor back injuries . The plane, which was not...

F-1 Mirage pilot dies in Albacete crash
Society Wed, May 5, 2004

F-1 Mirage pilot dies in Albacete crash

Spanish Air Force captain Miguel Alejandro Esteban Calonge, who was an unmarried 29 year old batchelor from Madrid, died yesterday morning when his F-1 Mirage fighter bomber crashed in the Sierra de Alcaraz. Calonge...

Society Thu, Mar 11, 2004

Villarrobledo library loans up 17%

According to Villarrobledo Town Hall, library book loans are up 17% since the opening of the Villarrobledo Museum/ Library in the province of Albacete, and more than 100 people are using the service every day. 16.5% of...