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Leisure/Entertainment news & information for Albacete province

All’s fair in rock ‘n’ roll…or is it?
Entertainment Wed, Apr 11, 2007

All’s fair in rock ‘n’ roll…or is it?

Headbanging on the beach or vegging out in the vineyard listening to the impassioned cry of electric guitars and lyrics from bygone years. Now the rock fest war has been declared, partygoers will have to choose between...

Entertainment Thu, May 13, 2004

A bicycle made for sixty

Braulio Fernández, an entrepeneur from Albacete who is crazy about bicycles, is attempting a new Guinness World Record by building a bicycle made for sixty people which he will be unveiling at the "Boneshaker"...

Entertainment Sun, Feb 8, 2004

Villarrobledo present 2004 Carnival programme

The Public Festivities Council of Villarrobledo presented the Childrens´ Carnival on Friday at 6pm in the Town Hall. The event included various groups of local children and entertainment was provided by clowns and...