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Technology/Science news & information for Murcia region/province



Facebook saves suicide victim's life
Tech & Science Sun, Apr 22, 2018

Facebook saves suicide victim's life

A YOUNG woman based in Madrid saved the life of her suicidal mother hundreds of kilometres away in the Region of Murcia – thanks to Facebook. The victim, said to be aged between 45 and 50 and living in La Unión, had...

Tech & Science Wed, Aug 8, 2007

Murcia, mobile phone 'black spot'

The director of Telefonica says that the Murcia region needs urgently to double the number of mobile telephone antennas for the area. Moreover José Manuel of Arco insists that this increment is necessary to guarantee...

Computer purchase grant scheme relaunched
Tech & Science Fri, Mar 2, 2007

Computer purchase grant scheme relaunched

The regional government of Murcia (PP) has announced that they have relaunched their 'Internet en casa' scheme for the third time, which is designed to encourage families to invest in computer equipment and...

Tech & Science Mon, Jan 26, 2004

New website for Murcia University

Murcia University (UMU) has a new website. The new domain, has three main pages – UMU, Unimar and Infosecundaria – and includes in the region of 12.500 files, 9.000 pages and up to 4.000 graphics and images. The...