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Ronda, Málaga News & Information

Crime/Incidents Fri, Oct 13, 2017

Diver-potholer found alive after night-long search

A DIVER who spent the night trapped in a pothole suffering decompression syndrome has been rescued alive after a huge and highly-delicate underground operation. The 52-year-old got into difficulties at around 20.10...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Jan 14, 2015

Brave ladies surround would-be rapist until police arrive

A COURAGEOUS group of women managed to thwart a rape by surrounding the attacker and stopping him in his tracks, according to police in Ronda (Málaga). According to officers, an man was pestering a cluster of female...

Society Wed, Dec 3, 2014

Spain's newest village declares independence

THE Costa del Sol has acquired another village after a satellite district of Ronda (Málaga) declared its independence this week. Serrato, a hamlet of 516 inhabitants, comes under Ronda's jurisdiction but has its...

Crime/Incidents Tue, Sep 27, 2011

Ex-Mayor of Ronda faces corruption charges

The socialist ex-mayor of Ronda, Antonio María Marín Lara, and several people who served as councillors while he was in office were arrested today under suspicion of town planning irregularities. At least six other...

Society Mon, Feb 18, 2008

Soldier shot in neck on Ronda range

A 30 year old soldier was seriously injured at around midnight last night when he was accidentally shot through the neck during an exercise at the Las Navetas army training camp near Ronda. The victim, whose identity...

Crime/Incidents Mon, Jan 2, 2006

Police discover arms cache in Ronda

Police in Ronda have discovered about 50 kilos of Gomma-2 explosive in a house that had been abandoned for the last forty years (photo). The explosives were allegedly discovered by a person who entered the house...

Transport Mon, Nov 7, 2005

Ronda teenager dies in level crossing smash

A 14 year old boy was killed on a level crossing without barriers on the outskirts of Ronda yesterday. The incident occurred on a country lane in an area known locally as el Cortijo La Mimbre at around 5.30pm between...

Environment Mon, Nov 15, 2004

Greens oppose Ronda golf course plans

The Málaga Green Party reiterated their oppostion yesterday to plans to build golf courses in the areas known as Los Merinos and Parchite near the town of Ronda on the basis that both are protected by United Nations...