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Legal & Finance Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Gas customers to pay compensation for aborted Castor...

GAS giant Castor will be compensated to the tune of 1.35 billion euros for being forced to down tools after a series of earthquakes were reported in the Vinaròs (Castellón province) area. And mains gas customers will...

Environment Tue, Apr 15, 2014

Earthquake number 300 at Castor gas rig in Vinaròs

ANOTHER earthquake near the Castor natural gas rig off the coast of Vinaròs (Castellón province) has been registered, according to the National Geographical Institute. The quake measured 2.1 on the Richter scale, but...

Environment Wed, Dec 4, 2013

Two more earthquakes near Castor oil platform in Vinaròs

ANOTHER two earthquakes have been registered in the area where the Castor oil-drilling rig is based off the coast of Vinaròs (Castellón) sparking further concerns about the safety of the operations. The fuel company...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Feb 27, 2009

No foul play suspected in Vinarós nursery death

The initial results of the autopsy carried out on the three month old baby who died yesterday at a nursery in Vinarós suggest that sudden infant death syndrome was the cause of death. According to sources within...

Crime/Incidents Mon, Nov 13, 2006

Elderly couple tortured by burglars

An elderly couple from Vinaroz (Castellón) became the latest victims of a robbery with violence after two people, in an evident state of drunkenness, entered their home, tied them up and beat them for over an hour. At...

Crime/Incidents Tue, Sep 26, 2006

32 Rumanian charged for spate of violent house burglaries

The courts in Vinaroz (Castellón) yesterday virtually suspended their normal flow of cases in order to carry out the legal proceedings involved in the arrest of some 32 Rumanians, accused of credit card fraud and house...

Legal & Finance Tue, Aug 24, 2004

Vinarós Local Police chief jailed for false arrest

Spain´s Supreme Tribunal has sentenced Vinarós´s chief of police, Juan Enrique Subiela, to five and a half years for an incident which occurred on the 15th June 1998 when he was a sergeant at Massanassa police...

Transport Fri, Mar 5, 2004

Two dead in drug van smash

Two people died today in an accident on the N-340 near Vinarós in the province of Castellón. The accident happened at 6.30pm when, for reasons as yet unknown, a van collided head on with a lorry killing both of the...