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Local news and information for Moraira, Alicante

Animals/Pets Tue, May 14, 2013

Dog saves missing expatriate's life in Moraira

A LOYAL family dog saved his elderly owner's life after the man lay injured and dehydrated in the undergrowth for three days. Bijou, a two-year-old black labrador, never left Bernhard Schulz's side and lay on...

Crime/Incidents Mon, May 13, 2013

Hunt for expatriate with Parkinson's missing in Moraira

POLICE in Moraira (Alicante) are searching for an elderly expatriate who disappeared after going out for a walk. Bernhard Schulz, 74, lives in Hamburg (Germany) and was spending a six-week holiday with his wife in the...

Entertainment Mon, Sep 13, 2010

Bruce Willis filming in Moraira

American actor Bruce Willis began filming his latest movie "The Cold Light of Day" in Moraira port today. The film, directed by French-born Mabrouk El-Mechri, will keep Willis in Alicante province for another...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Jun 18, 2008

Elderly German couple found dead in flat

Investigators suspect that and elderly German couple found stabbed to death at a flat in Moraira town centre shortly after midnight last night may have been killed by burglars. A large kitchen knife was left at the...

Health & Beauty Wed, Feb 1, 2006

New Moraira medical centre opens today

A new medical centre will open its doors for the first time in Moraira today. Sited in Calle Dr Calatayud in the seaside town, the centre has two doctors, a nurse and several receptionists. Appointments can be made by...

Food & Drink Fri, Dec 17, 2004

A taste of luxury

The Retracto (literally, ‘retract’ or ‘withdraw’) is a right - in pursuance of a right of pre-emption or first refusal - to have a sale of property to a third party set aside or retracted; the property is then...

Transport Fri, Dec 10, 2004

Pay-&-display parking in Moraira-Teulada

Three hundred parking spaces in Moraira and Teulada will soon become pay-and-display zones.
The move was requested by local shopkeepers hoping to improve traffic conditions in the town centre.
The maximum...

Property Fri, Nov 12, 2004

Moraira coastal path to open soon

The environment ministry will be awarding just under 700,000 euros for completion of the project of the Portet to Moraira coast road.
Work will start this year on the half a kilometre stretch of coastal path and is...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Sep 24, 2004

Tree disappears at night

A British couple living in Moraira were astonished to find that their Jacaranda tree had been stolen only three days after they had bought it.
KH, from Moraira, told The CB Friday that she and her husband had...

Property Fri, Aug 27, 2004

SOS Moraira criticised

Teulada local council and Moraira neighbourhood group Cap d’Or have issued statements defending the building of 70 houses in a protected area of pine forest in El Portet, Moraira, and accuse action group SOS Moraira...