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Animals/Pets news & information for Castellón

Stray dog cares for missing Alzheimer's man overnight
Animals/Pets Fri, Aug 31, 2018

Stray dog cares for missing Alzheimer's man overnight

AN ELDERLY man with Alzheimer's who went missing in Burriana (Castellón province) had a guardian angel to keep him company overnight – a dog whom he had never met before and who appears to be homeless. The 75...

Escaped cow has Twitter profile saying she 'wants her freedom'
Animals/Pets Sat, Sep 16, 2017

Escaped cow has Twitter profile saying she 'wants her...

A COW who disappeared 13 days ago in Burriana (Castellón province) has her own profile on Twitter as authorities search high and low for her. Rebeca escaped during the bull-runs at the fiestas on September 3 and,...

Virtual reality to cure phobia of spiders
Animals/Pets Mon, Apr 26, 2010

Virtual reality to cure phobia of spiders

THIRTY people with a mortal terror of spiders have taken part in an experiment to help them get rid of their phobias using virtual reality. The Jaume I University in Castellón ran tests recently, with the combined...

Animals/Pets Wed, Feb 7, 2007

Cruel dog owner facing jail time

National Police officers in Castellon have detained a 31 year old man and accused him of mistreating his dog. The incident began after neighbours called the police as they heard cries whelps and growls coming from the...

Animals/Pets Fri, Feb 10, 2006

Airport work to resume at end of eagle nesting season

The Infrastructure Ministry yesterday announced that the works for the Castellon/Costa de Azahar Airport could begin again after it had received all the relevant documents. The statement yesterday also revealed that the...

200 animals die in Castellón blaze
Animals/Pets Tue, Dec 13, 2005

200 animals die in Castellón blaze

An extensive fire broke out in three areas of the Castellon Industrial Estate yesterday morning. Affected were a garage, a fiesta hall, a veterinary surgery and an animal shop, with the most damaged area being the car...

Animals/Pets Fri, Dec 31, 2004

Escaped bull shot dead by Onda Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil officers hunted down and shot dead a dangerous bull yesterday morning near the town of Onda (Castellón) which had been loose since Monday. The animal was located at 9.30am around 50m from the CV-21...

Animals/Pets Mon, Dec 13, 2004

Cart-horse drowns in María Cristina reservoir

A man from Castelló managed to save his life by jumping clear of his cart moments before it plunged into the María Cristina reservoir near the village of l´Alcora late on Saturday evening. It seems that the accident...