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Health/Beauty/Fashion news & information for Castile and Leon

Princess Charlotte's Spanish-designed coat seen on UK national TV
Health & Beauty Thu, Dec 26, 2019

Princess Charlotte's Spanish-designed coat seen on UK...

THE BRITISH Royal Christmas family church service has seen a touch of Spain on the front-row pew on the last three occasions – Princess Charlotte's coats have been coming from Marae at Amaia Kids, based in Zamora...

Spanish firm invents shampoo for bald people
Health & Beauty Thu, Jun 28, 2018

Spanish firm invents shampoo for bald people

A COMPANY based in León has launched the world's first-ever shampoo for bald people. Chief executive officer of Carobels, Juan José Cabero – who describes himself as 'bald and proud' – says the shampoo...

Girl of 18 dies of swine ‘flu
Health & Beauty Sat, Sep 12, 2009

Girl of 18 dies of swine ‘flu

AN 18-year-old girl has died of swine ‘flu in Valladolid, making her Spain’s 25th mortal victim of the virus. The victim, whose identity has not been revealed, was a resident in the city’s attention centre for the...

Health & Beauty Mon, Nov 17, 2008

Pensioner served caustic soda in bar

Luis Prada Alonso (72) is recovering in intensive care after being given some kind of corrosive liquid instead of his usual glass of grape juice at a bar in Ponferrada (León) eight days ago. Fortunately, Luis managed...

Health & Beauty Wed, Aug 27, 2008

Experts investigate possible 'mad cow' death

Health ministry experts strongly suspect that a 64-year-old woman who died at León Hospital last week may have had 'mad cow' disease. According to reports in the online edition of the 'Diaro de León'...

Health & Beauty Mon, Jun 2, 2008

Salamanca's oldest woman turns 109

The 'grandmother of Salamanca', Tomasa Méndez Rico, is celebrating her 109th birthday today. Despite her age, Tomasa, who is better known in her home town of Bañobárez as 'the Baker', spends her days...

Pregnant girl (11) 'had consensual sex with relative'
Health & Beauty Wed, Oct 24, 2007

Pregnant girl (11) 'had consensual sex with...

An 11 year old heavily pregnant girl admitted to El Bierzo Hospital in Ponferrada (León) last week had consensual sex with a distant cousin, it was claimed today by a relative of both in an interview with a RNE radio...

Health & Beauty Thu, Nov 16, 2006

Spain rejects UK infected egg claims

The Spanish Agriculture ministry has responded to claims that one in every four dozen eggs imported from Spain are infected with the salmonella virus that are widely reported in the British press today, by stating that...

Police investigate possible assisted suicide
Health & Beauty Mon, May 8, 2006

Police investigate possible assisted suicide

"I have prepared everything so that the person who's going to help me will remain incognito," these words have appeared on the internet blog of `a friend´ of Jorge León (archive photo), a paraplegic man...

Health & Beauty Wed, Aug 24, 2005

Wedding cakes leave 75 guests feeling poorly

It seems that the cream used to make two wedding cakes supplied by the same cake shop was responsible for 75 guests contracting gastroentiritis at wedding receptions over the weekend at restaurants in Villalpando and...

Three young suiciders arrested in Zamora
Health & Beauty Sun, Mar 20, 2005

Three young suiciders arrested in Zamora

Three young people from Madrid and Gijón arrested last Wednesday at a rented rural cottage for an alleged collective suicide attempt, were awarded provisional liberty by a Zamora judge yesterday. It seems that the...