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Spain News & Information

Transport Tue, Dec 31, 2002

Benissa coastal path long overdue

Benissa’s coastal path has finally been opened after two years of controversy and criticism by opposition and environment groups.
The path, which has cost two million euros, includes viewing points, benches, an...

Animals/Pets Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Illegal poison kills 22 dogs

Over twenty dogs have died in rural areas around Benissa as a result of illegal poison bait. Benissa vet Gustavo Uhrig Moll told the CB Friday that 22 dogs have passed through his surgery in the past month all victims...

Society Thu, Jul 10, 2003

This way to La Nucía

In La Nucía this week a total of 32 street signs were installed at the entrances to the various urbanisations. This sign-posting will assist delivery people and visitors in the area to find their way. The panels...

Environment Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Preventing over-fishing

Fishermen have never enjoyed an easy life and the conflict of interests arising from the dangers of over-fishing and the right to work are presenting an ever-greater problem. Now the Fishermen’s Guild in Calpe has won...

Environment Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Plague on palms

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries has established measures to eradicate and control the plague of Paysandisia Archon. Although this insect is native to South America, it has recently been detected in the...

Property Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Demolition order

Part of a house in Moraira has been demolished for exceeding regulations. It was 160 square metres larger than the size allowed. The house is situated on the Club Moraira urbanisation of Moraira at la Cometa. This...

Society Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Waste watch

The Polytechnic College of Gandia (EPSG), the Collective Authority of la Safor, the Safor Federation of Business Associations and the Safor Association of Businessmen have all signed an agreement to carry out a plan of...

Culture Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Just for the record

Pepa Chesa, president of la Safor Collective Authority and Carmen Álvarez, head of the Valencian regional government's archive department recently presented a volume entitled "El servei comarcal d'arxius de...

Culture Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Works of art returned to Villalonga

Restoration of the two works of art belonging to the Parish Church of Villalonga has now finished. The work was done at the Arte Vecchio of Valencia studio and involved the long restoration process of two front altar...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Cheaper call cards confiscated

The Guardia Civil have seized 2,000 telephone cards on their way from the Canary Islands before they ended up on mainland streets.
The cards, costing 5.76 euros less than they would on the mainland were found in a...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Extortion on the streets

The streets of the Valencian Community are being plagued by people who menace drivers trying to find parking spaces and force them to pay protection money for their vehicles. An unspoken threat hangs in the air that...

Health & Beauty Thu, Jul 10, 2003

Stay in bed, it’s Friday the 13th...

All right, I'm finally prepared to admit it; I suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Don't worry, this is not catching and it only breaks out a few times a year. It is the unreasonable fear of Friday 13th. I know...